Pictorial Arts Journal Publications

Delineated Life is a smaller publication that I produce whenever an artist catches my interest. It showcases

one artist per issue.


A recent Delineated Life was dedicated to the cartoon mastery of Walt Kelly, and was published on what would have been his 100th birthday (I know he left us 40 years ago, but he’s still here in spirit for his fans.) Other issues of Delineated Life have featured the late fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta, Canadian artist Larry MacDougall, the late sculptor Avard Fairbanks and myself.


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I am the editor, creative director and illustrator of

Pictorial Arts Journal—an online publication that showcases

and promotes the significance of the pictorial arts, exploring the splendors and visionary skills of artists, past and present.


The prototype issue, The Spirit of the Renaissance was published online and featured Leonardo da Vinci.  With many

of the images being mine, articles included I, Leonardo (about the classic television program from the 1970s); Humanism in the 21st Century; and a pictorial essay on Renaissance Fairs.

New issues will publish as circumstances permit.


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Pictorial Arts Journal

Delineated Life

A monograph, celebrating my 40 years as an illustrator, is the beginning of what I hope will be a set of art books.


          The Art of

Thomas Haller Buchanan

The mission of

Pictorial Arts Journal (PAJ)

is to celebrate the 

flight of imagination

across space & time,

from images scratched 

in wet sand to

images soaring beyond

our solar system.

The book is available in softcover,

hardcover, and slipcased hardcover

(as shown here). To order, click here.