About Me

In a nutshell:

I have over 35 years experience as a freelancer creating:

  • illustration for advertising, editorial and institutional projects

  • commissioned portraits for corporate and individual clients

  • interpretive illustrations and murals for museum and visitor center exhibits

  • fine art for corporations, hotels, casinos and other organizations.


As a designer, I formulate concepts, turn them into visualizations, and prepare presentations that capture the essence of an initiative to persuade, educate, and communicate. As an illustrator, I sketch, draw and paint in any traditional media as well as digital media, to create outstanding images of human, landscape, nature and technical subjects. I work in various styles, as needed, to collaborate with clients to meet their visual objectives.


Nearly every imaginable subject has crossed my drawing table, but rendering images of people is a specialty of mine.

“I like to be part of a professional design team and enjoy the creative process of something great emerging from an ephemeral idea. I consider myself a ‘pictorialist’ ­– a visual communications problem solver.”

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Lately, as an editor, I strive to create harmony on a page. Whether it's a book or an online magazine, I like to see art and text work together.

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scholar/blogger Larissa Douglas

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